Quick Guide

  1. Save your game

    Save your game using a save point. If you're starting a new game and see a difficulty selection portal or new game portal, then make sure to enter it and use a save point before continuing. Avoid saving very close to the left or top edge of the screen if possible.
  2. Find your save

    Places to look:

    • Game folder (the folder that contains the exe you used to start the game)
      C:\Games\I wanna Cherry\
      C:\Bad Fangames\I Wanna Guy Rock\
    • Folder within the game folder
      C:\Games\I wanna Apple\data
      C:\Games\I wanna Apple\saves
      C:\Games\I wanna Apple\data\saves
    • Folder in %LOCALAPPDATA% (i.e. C:\Users\<your-username>\AppData\Local\ or %APPDATA%\..\Local\)

      Notes: This is a common save location for newer fangames. The folder you're looking for will not always match the name of the game. For example: the name of the game could be I Wanna be the 2 + 2 but the folder name in your local application data folder could be I_wanna_be_the_four or something completely random. I recommend sorting by Date Modified to help you find the folder you're looking for. In this case, the save file will most likely be in a Data subfolder.

    Examples of save file names:


    Examples of files to ignore (do not upload these!):



    Back up your entire game and/or save folder before modifying any saves!

  4. Upload your save

    Upload the save you found in step 2 using the big red button.
  5. Modify X & Y (and room number)

    warning Modifying the room number can crash your game!


    • A standard guy block is a square with 32 pixel sides
    • You can click the red arrow buttons to move the Kid 32 pixels in the direction of the arrow
    • decreasing X moves Kid
    • increasing X moves Kid
    • decreasing Y moves Kid
    • increasing Y moves Kid
    • Modifying the room number is risky. Changing it can bring you to an unexpected room or cause the game to crash because the room id does not exist. Do NOT expect to move to the next room by simply adding 1.
    • Large X & Y values are normal for some games like I Wanna Be the Boshy, I Dun Wanna Be Anything II, I Wanna Be the Guy and many other fangames. This is because rooms can span multiple screens. Just because you see an X or Y value over 5000 doesn't mean it won't work
    • Image below helps visualize (X,Y) position of two Kids and some jump refreshers:
      • The Kid on the right is 2 blocks above and 10 blocks right of the Kid on the left.
      • To move the left Kid 10 blocks to the right, we need to add (10 * 32) = 320 pixels to his X position.
      • To move the left Kid 2 blocks up, we need to subtract (2 * 32) = 64 pixels from his Y position.
      • In summary, to move left Kid to right Kid: (147, 343) + (320, -64) = (467, 279)

  6. Generate your new save and overwrite your existing save with it

    Read and follow any warnings and instructions that appear on the page. For example, some games must be closed before you can replace the existing save file.

  7. Load your game

    If you load your game and nothing changes, then make sure that you overwrote the correct file. Sometimes you will need to close your game before overwriting the save file for it to work. The modified save may also just crash your game, in which case you should use the backup you created in step 3 to restore your progress.
  8. (Optional) Send me feedback

    Feel free to use the contact e-mail on the main page to send me feedback. Let me know if it didn't work for you or helped you out of a jam. You can request support for a game using the Suggest a Game link on the main page.

  9. Enter the name of the vocaloid fangame players both love and hate on the main page

  10. Enter the Konami code on the main page